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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Keep Woman Faithful

We, men, are very possessive human beings. We are pride driven and very egoistic when it comes to the woman we love. And when she decides to lay in bed with a man, other than us, our pride and our ego gets seriously hurt.

In that case, there are only two choices we could make:

– Accept it, and get over it, and let the time heal the wound.

– Or end the relationship.

If you chose the first option you, you are very much in trouble, because, first of all you will look weak, and needy, thus she’ll respect you less and she’ll be tempted to do it again; secondly you’ll suffer because of it for a long time and it will hardly ever pass, and thirdly you’ll always live with that fear of being cheated again. It’s the worst option you can choose.

If you choose the second option, there’s a lot of pain involved too; you’ll have to end the relationship and suffer for a good while because of losing your beloved woman. But the good news is that it’s temporary, and even though it will take you a few months to recover, after that you’ll forget about her and go on with your life.

So, if you read so far, I believe we can agree that infidelity, is a really destructive thing – and never leads to positive consequences for the relationship.

How to avoid being cheated on?

I am about to share with you, one of the best ways to prevent infidelity from happening in your long distance relationship. It’s true it’s not the only way to keep a girl faithful, but it’s one of the best, so pay close attention!

Freedom of Choice

When it comes to getting people to do or not do something, the worst thing you can do is to force them.

When forcing someone to do something, the only thing that you’ll succeed in doing is to get that person to find any possible ways to free him/herself from being forced. That is just common wisdom.

In terms of preventing the situation where your girlfriend decides to cheat on you, forcing her to be faithful is a bad choice too. If you become extremely jealous, controlling and keep telling her to be a good girl, the only thing you’ll succeed is to push her more from you and into the arms other men.

Now what Freedom of Choice means is that you never force your girl to stay faithful, just the opposite, you give her the freedom to cheat if she feels like it, if she thinks that this what she wants. But only as long as she takes responsibility for her actions and for the fact that your relationship will end after that.

What you do is:

1) Let her know that you DO NOT accept that your girl would cheat on you and explain the consequences of her doing so. If she ever thinks about being unfaithful then the relationship will end with no explanations.

2) Deliberately give her the freedom to choose if she wants to be faithful or not, as long as she takes responsibility for the consequences.

3) Let her know that if she ever cheats, no matter how much she’d try to keep it a secret, you’ll always find out about it.

Now, this is a powerful way of dealing with the infidelity issue, because it puts the choice in her hands. It gives her the freedom to do that she wants, and does not force her to behave in a specific way.

It’s not you who keeps her from dating, sleeping with other guys, its herself that decides not to do it, because she wants to be with you. If you restrict her to look at, or sleep with other men, then those men, will become “the forbidden fruit” for her, and they will be much more attractive in her eyes, but if you just allow her to do what she wants, all of a sudden it’s like… “okay that man is cool, I can have him, it’s not forbidden, but let’s see… is it worth it to sleep with that guy and loose the really good one that I have right now?

Well, yes or no. If you are an attractive man, then the answer will always be no, but if its yes, then she’s not your long-term partner anyways, and you’ll lose her at some point when it will be even harder (marriage, children, house, friends etc.)

So the idea is to give her the Freedom, but before doing that you must explain her carefully all the consequences of using that freedom. And if she loves you and wants stick around, she’ll make sure to be only yours.

Eliminate Conflict With Partner

Being on the same page with our partner is the number one requirement in order to live that united life together. We could say: “thinking and caring about each other at all time is a serious responsibility.”

Being negative towards the opposite party can create as much as being positive and will affect both our life experience. Attract the beliefs and desires from each other will create harmony in any relationship.

So, is this just another moody day and who is the moody person here, both parties might ask themselves that question. Does life exist of working, criticizing, offending, down playing, I’m much better than you, yelping? NO! With capital letters.

Our success and failures are not caused by “the world out there” but by the love, care we carry inside our heart. This is not a brain surgery neither high technology and we don’t need to spend years of psychoanalysis to find the way to respect.

A negative mindset drains your energy and create a self-perpetuating cycle of disappointments, worry, fear to fail and fear to make a mistake. The other site of the coin is that positive thinking creates hope and self believe. With a little bit of mental pushing power we should be able to control our mindset.

Let’s sit down here for a short moment and ask our self about the person who is working and working and does not believe in quality of life, so that person spend a big time of the day in a stress full environment, get ruled by the clock, the upper level authorities, appointments, customers, fighting for its own little space in the company, and much more.

Coming home late in the evening, rest for some hours and take off the next morning again is sure not enough to unwind all the stress. So let’s assume that both parties are moody the moment they are in each others neighborhood.

Here are the 15 ways to eliminate the moody moments:

You remember what I said in the beginning of this story; “The moment she tries to communicate with me, I simply cut her off and finally she get the message not to bother me with all that crap and nonsense!” Here is the answer to the problem of not being able to listen to a family member, instead simply cut off the person and depreciate that party.

Let’s wrap this up and nail some solid points down that might clear the air for both individuals:

1. Don’t try to do many things at once!

2. Prioritize, let them know, and do the essential things first!

3. Don’t take on everything yourself!

4. Learn to say politely “No”

5. Meetings should be to the point and not dragging on!

6. Going home, close the door of your job. Coming home, take your rest for some minutes, sit down, relax, rewind, think about the daily blessings and have a little talk with your partner!

7. Be an open book for your partner and don’t live a secret life created by” the life of fear to fail”

8. Don’t let the job take over your life!

9. Take your days off, take a chair and sit down somewhere you can relax and dream away without any noise around you and being bothered!

10. Force yourself to exercise on a daily base and definitely on the days off!

11. Create a hobby that grabs your attention!

Older Women Dating Younger Men

The Adventures Nature

Younger men want to know a lot of things before trying to settle down. With an adventurous mind, they have an open and natural manner, which is quite pleasing for women. The adventurous nature of younger men is contagious. Moreover, if you explore life with them, you will experience a lot of excitement.

Find Out Your Expectations

What you need to do is know your expectations before you start dating your man. If you want to have a casual relationship, you won’t need to meet him very often. You just need to spend quality time with him.

After years of a long relationship with your husband, now you need to have some fun without any knots of marriage. However, if you want a serious relationship, we suggest that you look for a man with the same expectations.

It’s important that you ask for what you need. Both of your should be on the same page in order to prevent heartbreak and frustration down the road. In your first few meetings, you may want to find out exactly what he wants as far as relationship goes. You can handle these matters as your relationship develops.

Know Your Energy Levels

How energetic are you? Do you love to dance until it is dawn? Younger men get engaged in a lot of social activities during the week. So, if you are a different type of woman, you should look for someone who shares the same energy levels.

Moreover, you should find out what type of social activities you want to do. If you don’t like a few things that he loves to do, don’t be afraid to give him a few alternatives. What you need to do is show him a fun side of you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be competitive. You should be yourself and help him enjoy the stuff he wants. You should make a list of things that both of you love doing. This will prevent the boredom and make your relationship stronger. After all, you don’t want to spoil the fun.

Sparing Time

We need to find time for the things that make us happy. Don’t even dare to allocate it to people who can’t give it to you in return. Do one thing at a time and while doing it put your whole soul into it. We have a limited time on this earth.We do no have to waste our time on someone or something who doesn’t have anything better to do but screw with our life.

Managing our time to do what we have to, can be challenging. We have to prioritize. We don’t need to waste our precious time doing things we don’t want to. Once we realize we have to give up almost everything to get what matters most then life becomes more manageable. For example, giving something up, and trying to make everything else work.

One of the most brilliant things to do is to think of tasks in terms of alone-time and multitasking. We are not good at doing things when we are not focused. But there’s a very little amount of time we have when we can focus, compared to a large amount of time when what we can give is only our partial attention. Therefore, we spend too much time on undone projects.

Work is a part of life. We need to balance life by sparing time for office work and house work. We need to blend work and life. We have to stop trying to separate them. Although some people would tell us to stop multi-tasking by focusing what’s task on hand; but in present era, we’re regularly multi-tasking.