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Get Man To Commit To You

Get A Life

Men are very visual creatures. As much as you might rant and rave about backing off from your relationship if your man does not commit, he will not take you seriously unless he sees some action. Therefore, get a life of your own and show him that you can be independent without him, and that you have the ability to enjoy life on your own. When you show him by your actions that you do not need him in order to be fully happy, then he is more likely to commit to you.

Make decisions of your own and spend some time with your girl friends. If you man begins to feel that you are slowly drifting away from him, then he will begin to think of ways to get you to commit, so that you will remain with him.

Set Standards For Yourself

Some women feel that a man would want to marry them if they cater to every whim of his. While you do not need to hold out on him for every single thing, and while you do not need to be absolutely critical of everything that he wants, set some standards for yourself too. Don’t be a doormat.The more accommodating you are, the more your man will tend to take advantage of you, consciously or unconsciously.