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Sparing Time

We need to find time for the things that make us happy. Don’t even dare to allocate it to people who can’t give it to you in return. Do one thing at a time and while doing it put your whole soul into it. We have a limited time on this earth.We do no have to waste our time on someone or something who doesn’t have anything better to do but screw with our life.

Managing our time to do what we have to, can be challenging. We have to prioritize. We don’t need to waste our precious time doing things we don’t want to. Once we realize we have to give up almost everything to get what matters most then life becomes more manageable. For example, giving something up, and trying to make everything else work.

One of the most brilliant things to do is to think of tasks in terms of alone-time and multitasking. We are not good at doing things when we are not focused. But there’s a very little amount of time we have when we can focus, compared to a large amount of time when what we can give is only our partial attention. Therefore, we spend too much time on undone projects.

Work is a part of life. We need to balance life by sparing time for office work and house work. We need to blend work and life. We have to stop trying to separate them. Although some people would tell us to stop multi-tasking by focusing what’s task on hand; but in present era, we’re regularly multi-tasking.